What is ACT?
The Access and Connectivity Toolkit (ACT) is a comprehensive online planning tool designed to inspire and support local broadband planning efforts. The application supports a Team Leader who can enroll others in a planning team. Team members may include elected officials, Internet service providers, local civic or business leaders, IT managers, or interested citizens. While there are about a dozen different ACT modules, modules can be assigned based on interest or role. For an example, all team members may provide input on “community priorities” but only city or county officials might comment on “use of public assets.” After completing the assessment, Team Leads get a full report of the team’s input with recommendations and resources for possible actions.
Why Conduct an Assessment?
The ACT application will help your teams engage more broadly across your community; consolidate perspectives; evaluate options; plan and take action. The assessment tool and recommended actions draw from experience and best practices from broadband and community leaders around the country.

Conduct the assessment to:
  • Develop and document a shared understanding of the broadband landscape
  • Mobilize community action to improve connectivity
  • Aggregate demand and strengthen partnership discussions
  • Attract investment
  • Identify opportunities to streamline processes
  • Leverage public assets in support of the public good
  • Document a broadband plan, vision, and progress
About the Team
The Access and Connectivity Toolkit (ACT) was developed and managed by a small group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to universal broadband access and community engagement. The group includes:
  • Alia Willingham – Product Manager
  • Samantha Gallagher – Lead Developer
  • Jessi Shank – Software Developer, Ten-Forward
  • Marianne Feng - Software Developer, Ten-Forward
  • Will Saunders – State Program Sponsor
  • Karen Archer Perry – Federal Program Sponsor
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